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    The World's Greatest MMA Cage Packages are available from PRO MMA!

    These are Competition Cages, made for serious MMA promoters running big events in large arenas, using top notch fighters.  These cages are built for the promoter that can not settle for second best.  These cages are built from the absolute strongest steel and the best materials available.  Others skimp on their materials, we over build our cages, because you deserve the very best for your money.

    Just like "better ingredients give you a better pizza" the same holds true with our list of materials.  Better and stronger materials will give you a better cage.  Our cages are built to last.  Others, have a proven track record of being almost worthless after just a few months of use.  Just ask around, the truth is a great advertisement for our cages!

    Our customers sell more cages for us than we do.  We have 100% customer satisfaction and the best track record in the business.  We ship very quickly, and our design is the easiest and fastest assembly as well as the strongest by 1000%

    The difference in our cages and others is in the design.  Our design is superior.  No nuts and bolts in the frame was our invention.  We use STRUCTURAL STEEL, that's what you build skyscrapers out of!  Others use the flimsy thin walled tubular steel and it causes problems!  Believe me.  If you heard all of the gripes and complaints and horror stories from the customers that bought the "other" cages, you would understand.  No one complains about our cage.  We are told everyday that we are the absolute best and we hear that from our customers all over the world!

    Everything about our cage is superior.  Here are some facts and details about how we build our cages and what sits us apart from others.

    • Cage panels - we use a thick walled square steel in our cage panels frames.  These are able to flex, under great stress, without bending.
    • Cage wire -we have our MMA cage wire made especially for us, direct from the factory.  It is the strongest wire available and is dipped in heavy vinyl and then that vinyl is baked on for a long lasting finish.  This fence, likewise, is flexible enough to flex under pressure without bowing out of place.
    • Cage Padding- We use a larger and better padding than others.  The cage rails are padded with a full 4.75" diameter inch thick foam padding that we have made for exclusively for us in perfectly formed round tube cylinders.  This gives our panels a perfect round top and bottom.
    • Cage Vinyl- We use a high quality athletic vinyl, made especially for athletics.  It attaches with hook and loop Velcro straps and fits perfectly, for a great "wrinkle free" look.  Custom graphics is available.
    • Cage ends- The vertical ends of the cage do not need to be padded and covered in vinyl, however, it's the details, like this, that really sits us apart from others.  We pad and cover the vertical uprights on each cage panel, for a great look and for safety.  This sport is all about SAFETY, and we offer the safest cage!
    • Cage doors - by regulation, cage doors must open outward, never into the cage.  This is a safety regulation.  Most other companies make their doors to open inward, because they use the cheap doors, made from the thin steel, and their door locks are not strong enough to hold against stress.  Our doors can take all the punishment you can give them.  They won't accidentally come open.  They can't!  We manufacture our own door hinges, our own doors, and our own door latches.  We have the strongest doors in the business.
    • Cage frame-nobody can come close to our frame.  It is the strongest, by 1000% and that we can prove!  Our frame will never wobble, shake, move, or bend.  Tube steel frames will 100% fail under stress.  That is a proven fact.
    • Cage Floor-our competition MMA Cages are built for use with Plywood Flooring, as opposed to the cumbersome and heavy  2 x 12 plank boards.   This gives you a perfectly smooth and flat cage floor, and it is much quicker and easier to assemble.  If you purchase the wood flooring from us, we precut and number the sheets to fit perfectly.    This floor is flat and quiet, and doesn't bounce or bow like some cage floors do.  Our board suppression system is the best in the industry.   If you purchase the flooring from us, we use a waterproof, smooth sanded on both sides, very strong flooring that will last for many years. 
    • Mat Cover-we offer both canvas and vinyl as well as custom graphics.  Our mat covers can be attached quickly and our special made skirts/aprons attach very easily and quickly, with no sagging, like others.  Our side rails are designed to allow easy and fast connection for the mat cover.  
    • Mat Cover Fastening:  We offer our mat covers as standard with grommets and tie down rope, using perfectly flat sewn seams in our canvas mat covers with super strong grommets every 12".
    • Cage Steps- we build a self standing all steel frame with flat expanded metal grating for the treads.  These stairways are designed for total comfort, ease, and safety when entering and leaving the cage.  When you are the best, you build the best.
    • Assembly - our cage assembly is the easiest, no matter what others might claim, even they know we have the best.  No nuts and bolts in the frame and the bolts in the cage panels attach very quickly and easily.  We used to have a 100% bolt free design, but found that bolting the cage panels on has some benefits, and our customers deserve the absolute best. 


    Included in every PRO MMA Competition Hexagon Cage Package you will get:

    • 6 or 8 PRO MMA corner poles with easy connect attachments for side rails and cage panels
    • 6  or 8 completely padded and vinyl covered fence panels
    • 2 door ways - completely padded and vinyl covered for competition use with complete safety
    • 2 stairways - self standing
    • 6 or 8 super strong structural steel side rails
    • 4 "monster" main support beams
    • all structural steel cross members (floor joists) no bending or problems from these!
    • our own unique flooring structure to hold your wood flooring perfectly in place
    • competition approved athletic padding - very dense closed cell EVA padding for the ultimate safety
    • Mat cover - canvas or vinyl - your choice and your choice of color
    • easy on cage skirts/aprons
    • 6 or 8 corner pads - made from dense closed cell athletic padding covered in 18 ounce vinyl with Velcro straps
    • outside vinyl pole covers - adds the finishing touch to the look as well as provides another area for graphics
    • easy to follow assembly instructions