Pro Wrestling Ring 18' X 18'

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The Pro Wrestling Ring is like no other in the industry. It includes all the latest advancements in ring construction and technology, leaving no need unsatisfied. It requires only two hours for a two person set-up, making it efficient to move.It contains numerous, built-in features that make this wrestling ring the UNDEFEATED champion.


› 4 Heavy duty corner posts
› 1 (3’) Ladder style frame and support legs
› 1 Ring flooring (4' x 8' sheets of tongue and groove flooring)
› 1 Ring Padding USA Boxing approved (1” thick 2 lb. density) 
› 1 Hook & Loop made in USA ring cover of your choice in Canvas or Vinyl (Red, White, Blue or Black)
› 1 High quality vinyl ring skirt 
› 4 corner cushions, any combination of (White, Red, Blue or Black)
› 1 Set of 8 ring rope spacers (Black or White) 
› 12 Turnbuckles for the ropes
› 12 Turnbuckle covers (6 Whites, 3 Reds and 4 Blues)
› 1 Set of 4 turnbuckle drapes (2 Whites, 1 Red and 1 Blue)
› 1 Set of quad-colored rope covers (Red, White, Blue or Solid Black)
› 2 wooden ring stools (1 Red and 1 Blue)
› 3 metal ring stairs 
› 2 Ring spit buckets
› Private labeling with YOUR LOGO available upon request at an additional cost.